Oh hi!

Oh hi!

Whitney Gisvold

Today my blog begins! There are a few goals here:

First, I want to keep the world updated on my design work and inspiration. The side note there is that I love to be creative in a lot of different directions, so that will show up in the blog as well. Design a website? Sure! Refinish some old furniture? Of course! Share a little inspiration? Absolutely!

The projects that aren’t specifically graphic design related are my second goal. It can be hard to be creative all the time, so mixing it up is key. By keeping up with that here, I make sure that I’m motivated and hopefully inspire you to make something too. Also, I’ll be keeping it light. So much of design and promotion is serious and 3rd person. That’s great! Sometimes. This is my chance to let loose a bit and let the pixels fly.

Any questions? Requests? Musings?

A little bit about the image above. I love it. I feel like it captures me pretty well. Girly girl. Design dork. A little fratty. A little arty. Someone said “Design Barbie” once… guess I better own it! This is a real drawing from my real silhouette. (I love silhouettes by the way. Of everything. Seriously.) I stylized it a bit and played around to get the right shape overall while keeping with my personality. I had my eyes checked this year and got my first glasses. Go big or go home I say, so Wayfarers it is. A strong graphic shape works for me right now. It fits me.

Ok. Promise a photo next time. Hope everyone’s kicking butt at their finals and catch you after that!